Home Health Nurse

A nurse (or in some cases a therapist) will be assigned as “case manager” for your care.  He or she coordinates the plan of care your doctor has prescribed for you with you and other members of your team to get you the best care possible and ensure that your goals are met. He or she may perform an assessment, measure vital signs and make sure the patient understands how to take their medication. Nurses working in home health may also provide treatment, such as wound care, dressing changes, administer IV medication’s and change catheters. In addition, home health nurses may assess the patient’s home environment to determine if changes or accommodations are needed due to the patient’s medical needs.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist helps you return to your prior level of function following an illness or injury, or, if not possible, helps you adapt to new ways of moving. Your physical therapists help empower you to prevent ongoing loss of independence by developing a program to keep you active.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy in the home is about finding simple solutions for you or your loved one to perform daily tasks. These tasks may include getting dressed, using the bathroom, showering or making a meal. Occupational therapists have great ideas to help you live safely and independently in your home.

Speech-Language Pathology

A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), sometimes called a speech therapist, helps patients in the evaluation and treatment of breathing, swallowing, speaking, cognition and thinking skills and communication disorders.

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides are the heart of home health, helping you with your daily activities until you are ready to be independent.  Our Aides help with personal care and grooming needs.

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